It requires no extra eye to realize how the modern diet is driving the world crazy. Perhaps, as humans try every means to obtain a cheaper livelihood, they have seriously altered what enters through their mouths. The implications are obvious. The further we sail away from the original meals, the more adverse the effects become.This is presently evident with the rampant cases of diet-related ailments. Many suggestions regarding the best diet for better health have been formulated. Though variations exist in such propositions, they all seem to be inclined to a common base. They all appear to reflect the characteristics of the caveman diet.

People seem to acknowledge the vitality of the original meals. Also known as the paleo diet, it works with the genetic making of individuals to strengthen and develop an energetic and healthy body. Do we really have any other reason why the cavemen lived overwhelmingly long compared to the current humans?

Thousands of years ago, during the paleolithic period, people ate vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, meat and a variety of natural foods. Well, it would be difficult to go hunt and gather in the forests like the old times. We can, however, go hunt and gather what is readily available in the market. It is only a matter of choice. Paleo meal plans provide several working combinations that are suitable for all. Paleo recipes for beginners could be the best way to start a healthy diet. It begins with possessing the sense and desire to healthy eating. In this sense, no one can help us better than the

Is it worth it?

Many people might probably be wondering whether this caveman diet is worth the sacrifice. Why spend time looking for fruits or nuts while there are many processed options packed in beautiful and luring bags? Well, in economics, reality has it that the disadvantage of a substitute good amounts to the advantage of the other, and vice versa. This is only the case for rational individuals. It is ideally similar to the paleo and the modern diet. Though people have clearly observed the dangers associated with modern meals, they still prove to be a little irrational.

In as much as people are proud of the technological processes that have made live affordable, the same technology is paving an easy exit for the human race. Diving a little deep into biology, the body functions like a machine, only that it is driven internally by the brain. The right quantity and quality of fuel are necessary for smooth operation of the machine. Any impurities in the fuel may have devastating impacts on both the operation and the components of the machine.

The modern diet is majorly characterized by chemical “impurities” that have notably altered the entire body functioning of many individuals. Talk of preservatives, additives, and all the other processing chemicals – you are sure to find them in the present foods. Typically, people are consuming chemicals in percentages that could even outwit the real food content!

Today, our food stores have been replaced with varieties of processed foodstuffs. Refined sugar, bread, high fructose syrup, and pasteurized milk products among others and a few selections of fruits, veggies, nuts and roots are the constituents of the modern diets. With this trend, nobody can tell what the future generations will be feeding on. Or maybe, they will realize the reality and trace back their roots to the paleo. It is even unpredictable whether the present human beings will still exist or perhaps, the life expectancy will have been reduced to adolescent age! Nobody wishes for anything like that though our irrationality may be a serious cause of human downtime in the future.

Beginning with the basic biology, then dermatology, biochemistry, ophthalmology among other disciplines have suggested that the modern diet is the key player in reducing the human lifespan. This by prompting dangerous conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s among others. Presently, cases of excessive weight gain are rampant.

How do the modern diets cause these degenerative conditions?

Begin for instance with excessive weight gain. it is the basic foundation of most of the other diseases like diabetes. Refined sugar has a form known as fructose. This fructose is commonly responsible for weight gain. It does this since the majority of it is normally converted into fat as it initiates a powerful fat switch and is stored in the body. It also tricks the body into gaining weight by turning off the appetite control system. Hopefully, the paleo diet can do away with most of these diseases if reasonably adopted in day to day life and not temporarily. It can reverse most of the conditions. The paleo food lists could be customized to curb these predicaments. Paleo diet for weight loss is the perfect brake for weight gain.

Can paleo diet help fight cancer?

Cancer is often termed as a “disease of modern civilization”. Well, depending on how one interprets this, cancer is one of the diseases that doctors have often linked it to eating disorders. This, in the causal sense, traces its way to the several chemicals and inorganic ingredients used in processing. Dr. Otto Heinrich, who is a Nobel prize found that cancer uses glucose to strive. Paleo meals avoid both the chemicals and the excess glucose that could harbor cancer. Anyone who wants to prevent or cure cancer naturally through diet should opt for the caveman menu.

Is paleo effective for beauty?

There are also paleo diets for women. Whether one wants to lose weight, stay healthy or improve the general beauty of the skin, the grocery shopping list should be a paleo. In the paleo pack of goodies, there are recipes that yield outstanding results for women. Perfect combinations act as the best long term skin care.

Inspired by the proven effectiveness of the paleo diet and the undesirability of the modern diets, one may think of adopting it. How do you go about the diet? Though one may not easily find the real cavemen meals, one can borrow the principles that founded the selection of the diet. There are some key guidelines to be used in formulating the paleo recipe.

First, avoid processed food. Food is also often eaten raw or lightly cooked depending on the level one can manage. The recipe should consist of organic or grass-fed sources which have no additives or genetically modified ingredients. They should also come from high-quality local sources. Majorly, carbohydrates are obtained from vegetables except for potatoes and corns which should be avoided.

The paleo diet plans have held a resolute first position in guiding people towards healthy living. It is only until people start to fully embrace and appreciate the need for healthy eating that the overall lifespan will increase. Diseases and diet-related conditions will be stories of the past. There is, therefore, a need for individuals to take personal responsibilities so as to achieve the best health condition and significantly reduce chances of ill-health.

Lets delve into The Paleohacks Cookbook!

Oftentimes, we forget to give credit where it is worth. Some things, however, do not need credit. They only need to be embraced. Reality has it that paleo diet has had a historical revolutionary impact on many people’s live. A good life begins with healthy living and living healthy is a result of healthy eating. Everyone hails from a certain ancestral history. If you love history you will concur that those people didn’t live peanut years. A hundred-year-old then was much better than the present 50-year-old. This is the basic principle that paleo hacks cookbook is based.

A variety of real foods that have been organized into paleo recipes have been recorded and stored in a cookbook. It contains around 137 unique and delicious recipes which covers the real tastes of various cuisines around the world. The paleo hacks cookbook has recipes on virtually everything to drive your health to paradise! It has recipes for snacks, salads, soups, meat, seafood, omelette, pizza, sandwiches, noodles and many desserts.

Who came up with the book?

By now you must be wondering, who? Well, the adage “experience is the best teacher” has the answer. Several normal paleo eaters with the paleo hacks team came together and decided to compile the “scroll” that would be the real health savior. The book is downloadable and you’re sure to introduce variety into your daily meals. Accompanying the paleo hacks cookbook are the incredible bonus books which are authentically designed to provide the information that every healthy eater should know.

Benefits of the cookbook from the viewpoint of a neophyte cook:

Having followed cookery classes myself, I’ve been keen to notice that inexperienced cooks do have to gather the necessary ingredients in the right amounts before taking on any meal preparation. Notably, this is what comes first in any of the recipes. Once you are through with the grocery collection, you are ready to go!

Wondering how you’re going to deal with the measurements used? Well, you don’t have to worry. Conversion tables for virtually every units used are provided. Any dilemmas you might have dealing with ounces, grams, milliliters and other units are resolved.

Exact conversions of Fahrenheit to Celsius for all the temperatures used for the recipes are given. The amounts in the recipes are in cups which have their conversions in ml & ounces. Amounts in tsp and tbs are given in ml. Nothing have been left at a guess. You can just rock and roll with these preparations!

Here comes the fun part – the instructions! It amazed me how I could mimic a professional by just following simple and clear directions provided for each recipe in the book. I really longed for that time when I am out of my cookery classes practicing like a real professional. I knew that I just had to follow the lines and every word of the recipes and wow… the meal is ready!

The vegetarian paleo have not been left behind and there are many recipes to cater for their tastes. A real vegetarian will realize that many of the recipes can be altered to meet the vegetarian taste. You can, for example, remove or replace the egg white from certain recipes and they become veggie recipes! Examples include the roasted vegetable sandwich and several 100% vegetarian desserts with real chef tastes.

From the point of viewpoint of a health ranger!

The recipes have been finely selected to cater for the micro-nutrients which are not usually present in our normal diets. Though they are needed in small quantities, prolonged lack of micro-nutrients in our body is the root cause of many ailments including cancer. Most of the items used in the recipes are rich in micro-nutrients and may include: fresh lemon juice, lime, cloves, chives, cilantro, thyme, garlic, turmeric, basil, honey, ginger, bay leaf, arrowroot, rhubarb, parsley, zucchini, tahini, coconut milk, cinnamon, cumin, asparagus, rockets- arugula and sesame seeds, just to mention a few!

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