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Paleo diet is composed of natural foods and it is known to work wonders. There are a lot of renowned athletes who have benefited from this diet. It is known to increase sports’ performance by lowering body fat and increasing the energy level. What we know is that carbohydrates are an energy store for athletes. Every athlete should add lots of clean energy supplying foods to their diet. What I mean is that the food should not contain impurities like pesticides, food additives and other ingredients that inhibits energy supply at the very cellular level. No diet other than paleo diet food list accomplishes this function excellently. It also caters for mental health by supplying all the micro-nutrients which become deficient in the body with much physical strain. Most of the ‘paleo athletes’ have experience a healthy state of mind as outlined below. Together with supplying huge amount of carbohydrates, fresh vegetables, unadulterated fruits, grass fed meat, seeds, fishes, nuts and eggs ensure an ideal diet plan for high performing athletes.  The has planned in their Paleohacks cookbook website to include all necessary ingredients in your diet for a maximum athletic performance.  Lets see what some renown athletes have to say about the paleo eating plan.

LA Clippers star Grant Hill

Grant Hill has been one of the best, renowned and famous NBA players. This player was the oldest among the NBA players. Most people wondered how he maintained a better health and his physical fitness in tip-top condition. People came to realize that Grant Hill has been on this diet plan. This has been the secret behind his best physical fitness and activity in the basketball pitch. Paleo lifestyle made it possible for him to compete with young players even in his early 40s. When he was being interviewed by paleo lifestyle magazine, Grant Hill mentions that he thinks, he will wear out mentally before being worn out physically. He added that at his 40s, he is in better shape than when he was 32 or 33. He said it is all about eating. Gran Hill has also benefited from Dr. Cate Shanahan’s book called Deep Nutrition. The book talks about the effectiveness of paleo lifestyle.

Ursula Grobler

Ursula Grobler is a world-class rower. She has competed at the highest and most competitive levels across the world. She says she was a fan of junk food and McDonald’s. She confessed that paleo meals made it possible for her to maintain the desired weight. For her, junk food could not give the necessary nutrients and energy that her body needed for rowing. She made this diet plan her lifestyle. Every time she took these foods, she felt refreshed and energized. She says that the diet played a significant role in her victory in winning the Head of the Charles. This is the largest regatta in the world. She also says that the diet improved her well-being significantly.

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Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff is a retired boxer and a cricket captain. This person has significantly benefited from paleo meals. Andrew Flintoff stopped drinking alcohol and embraced paleo diet plan. He said he lost 3olbs in 7 weeks after starting a paleo program. He is able to keep fit and maintain a youthful and energetic look. Andrew Flintoff looks more physically fit and energetic than before. Everyone is just amazed. When he was a boxer, he was not fit the way he is now. These meals has greatly improved his look and physique.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers told ESPN that ever since he embraced this diet, his sport’s life has not been the same. He has greatly improved and this meal has played a crucial role in his victory and success. He believed that paleo diet food has not only improved his physical fitness but also mental health as well. The ingredients present in this diet have great health benefits including mental benefits. He looks younger, healthier and physically fit. He says that whenever he starts his day with paleo meals, he feels energized. Aaron Rodgers says that paleo food is one of the best and most healthy foods that every person should embrace.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has recently embraced paleo diet food plan. He was not strictly a paleo dieter, but as soon as he discovered the paleo diet benefits on athletes, he chose to embrace the paleo program. Like Aaron Rodgers, he also believes that paleo lifestyle improves the physique and mental health. Kobe Bryant is among the famous and renowned athletes who have significantly benefited from this plan. Paleo diet meal plan contains healthy ingredients in correct proportions. He says that the diet has helped improve his performance.